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I started to get excited about my first Chinese massage.

Upon arriving at the basement level salon, nothing seemed out of the ordinary as we all waited patiently in the waiting area.

Surprisingly, our guide was able to arrange a massage for 6 of us (3 men and 3 women) at the same time, along with 4 pedicures for the others in our group.

I was thinking it must be a big salon to accommodate all of us at one time on such short notice.

ith its far-reaching history and incalculable prospects, China is a must for anyone interested in past civilisations and the future of our world.

It also contains three of the world’s greatest man-made sights: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors.

Even if you don’t speak Mandarin, Chinese will still notice when you come home with a prostitute and they will talk about it.

An American woman who had lived in Beijing for twenty years with her husband, one day found out that he had five girlfriends spread across China, several children, and at least a Chinese wife. Well, she overheard her Chinese neighbors talking about a white man that lived in the neighborhood and was seen with different Chinese women, one of whom had a half-Chinese child.

Category: Epoque Superior - Learn more Xi’an is an important city for Chinese history and culture.

In Beijing, for example, I suggest visiting the Forbidden City but dropping the Summer Palace (both are former imperial estates).

I include a day devoted to the capital’s vibrant cutting-edge art scene but sacrifice visits to its museums, as similar artefacts can be seen at top-class museums in Xi’an and Shanghai instead.

Being one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, Xi’an is a must see city and the Zuoyouke boutique hotel is happy to provide an unforgettable experience in leisure and convenience.

With an astonishing 54 rooms, along with all the amenities to make any stay a perfect one, our boutique hotel Zuoyouke is one of Xi’an’s wonders.


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