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The night proved one of the most embarrassing of Bizet's career.Many in the audience were disgusted by the licentious outspokenness of his protagonist, while purists found the opera diluted, the Spanish gypsy motifs lightweight and unrealistic.It may seem hard to believe, after so many decades of diplomatic rancour, but when Fidel Castro first came to power, he did so with the assistance of the US government.In March 1958, the Eisenhower administration suspended arms shipments to the Havana regime led by General Batista.His Facebook account, which says he is from Colombo, Sri Lanka, is littered with a number of shirtless selfies and pictures of Marks wearing army camouflage clothes.

Yet relations between the two countries, separated by fewer than 100 miles of water, were soon under strain. Meanwhile, the Castro government introduced crippling taxes on American imports and nationalised hundreds of private companies, including subsidiaries of US firms. Before leaving the White House in January 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower cut diplomatic ties with Havana.Within a year, Castro’s rebels had seized control of Cuba.In 1959, the new Cuban leader was welcomed personally by then-Vice President Richard Nixon on an unofficial visit to the US.But if his plan was to foreshorten Castro’s rule, it didn’t work: the Cuban leader would be in power for decades before handing control to his brother Raul in 2006.Much of the historical distrust between the two countries stems from the events of John F Kennedy’s presidency.A Sri Lankan man who allegedly attempted to hijack a Malaysia Airlines flight relaxed with a cigar and gangster rap music, just hours before threatening to blow up more than 300 passengers onboard.


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