Updating bookmarks in word 2016

The reason we have excluded the exact break out of base and bonus is two-fold: 1) analyst base salaries are a bit less standardized now with -85K being the rough mid-point, 2) the bonus is being adjusted to match the all in compensation numbers of ~0K, ~5K, ~0K.

We made similar points last year, the only adjustment really is that most banks have moved to about 80 Base/70 bonus for the good analysts for a first year payout.

Beat everyone to the real numbers for the second time in a row, Morgan Stanley cut by about 15% according to zerohedge and business insider.

Heard it here first back in December*** We are updating compensation numbers for 2016.

I was updating a document at work and came across a strange occurance.

My cursor would just go down off the page, but wouldn’t arrive at the next page.

Simply put an investment banking analyst should make 0, 5K, and 0K in years one, two and three (plus or minus -10K depending on how good or bad the bank did).At the click of a button the information is transferred to the document and it's ready to print.The first part of the tutorial deals with preparing the standard document.But for the greatest control and ease of use, you can't beat the versatility of a VBA User Form.A VBA User Form is a custom dialog box, to which you can add all the features you would normally see in a regular Windows dialog box like text boxes, combo boxes, option groups, check boxes and more.This three part tutorial shows you how to build an automatic document template for Microsoft Word.


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