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So says Newsweek, which renames the area Silly-Con Valley in its honor.

And of course there’s Deadspin, which calls it “the best story ever written about Silicon Valley…

A Silicon Valley CEO has been allowed to plead no contest to abusing his former Apple engineer wife over their 10-year marriage, despite her providing audio evidence of him beating and verbally abusing her. She made clear her outrage at the reduced charge, including a misdemeanor of 'offensive touching'.'Please explain to me is it offensive touching when a 8 month pregnant woman is beaten and then forced to stand for the entire night by her husband, is it offensive touching when a mother nursing her 6 day old child is slapped on her face by her husband because he thinks she is not latching properly with the child, is it offensive touching when a women is flung to the floor and repetitively kicked in her belly, is it offensive touching when a woman is slapped 9 times by her husband until she agrees to everything he is saying and then gets hit again for not agreeing with it sooner…?

The plea agreement means Cuberon co-founder Abhishek Gattani, 38, will have his felony assault charge reduced to avoid the risk of him being deported back to his native India, the Daily Beast reports.

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Gattani's reduced charge of felony accessory after the fact - with an accompanying misdemeanor of 'offensive touching' - means he will likely only spend 30 days in prison and could have the felony removed from his record under the terms of the plea deal.

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With the founders bringing work experience from Silicon Valley, the regional home to the world’s most innovative tech companies, JOURNi solves the problem of access—mainly for minorities and women.

“We provide courses, workshops, and events that allow individuals who’ve historically been left out of the growing tech scene, a safe space to develop their tech-related interests,” says Mc Kinney.


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