It was originally dedicated to Abu Kir and Yohanna (or Ss. Thus, there are now two separate churches that were built on this location.

Athanasius, a wealthy scribe and a secretary of Abdel-Aziz Ibn Marwan (governor of Egypt between 685 and 705 AD), had built the Church.

However, leather had a low rate of survival in the deseart.

The Cairo roll was no exception: part of it was fragmented into very tiny pieces.

Between 10, the Church was fully restored to house the relics of Saint Barbara. The Church was damaged again by another fire during the 12th century.In fact, the church was renovated as recently as the beginning of the 20th century, when the khurus, a transverse room preceding the sanctuary, was sacrificed in order to allow more space.While Saint Barbara's Church has been a long-lasting example of ancient Coptic architecture, it resembles the shape of ancient Basilicas. Barbara (or Sitt Barbara) is one of the many famous Coptic Orthodox parishes that can be found in the district of Coptic Cairo.The building is located on the eastern part of the Babylon Fortress and is one of the oldest buildings in Cairo, dating back to the 5th or 6th century AD. Barbara's Church stands north of the Coptic Museum and is east of the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus (Abu Serga), on the eastern side of Fort Babylon. Barbara were brought here, a separate sanctuary was built.According to Sherbiny, leather was considered a very precious writing material in ancient Egypt, and it was the principal medium for recording religious texts and great historic events, as it was more practical than papyrus due to its flexibility and durability.


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