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Chandler knows of a couple of guys at work who might do the trick for her, which he uses in his favor to obtain free stuff from them.

After picking her preferred guy, Patrick, Rachel starts to believe in something more than a fling between her and him, but when she learns that Chandler told Patrick how all she wants is a fling, she's furious with him.

Even if no amount of burned chef jackets and "Quit Bitch"-signed hats is enough to make Monica quit, the attitude she receives from fellow chefs and waiters almost pushes her off the edge.

She takes Chandler's advice and hires Joey as a waiter for the sole purpose of firing him in front of the others, but when Joey finds himself with a handful of tips he forgets the deal he and Monica have.

Some secrets are more subtle in the sense that each sugar daddy will expect ...

This is enough for Monica to acquire control over her colleagues.

Rachel hates to be single around the festive season, and is more willing than usual to have a fling with someone rather than something serious.

I know about 4 DJs that you probably have listened to that host or have hosted trivia at one point or another. Check out your favorite bar or restaurants schedule, they’ll most likely have it on a specific night every week.

And hey you could win a gift card and impress your date the next time around.


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