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This research forms the largest and most comprehensive survey of Australian young people’s attitudes in 15 years.Two reports based on this research have been developed by Dr Jesse Cale and Associate Professor Jan Breckenridge from the Gendered Violence Research Network at UNSW.Included on Crime is relevant program and topical information pertaining to youth violence and prevention.National Academic Centers of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded National Academic Centers of Excellence (ACE) on Youth Violence Prevention are unique from traditional research centers because they work with community members and many educational, justice and social work partners to develop action plans, partnerships, and priorities to prevent youth violence in a local community.Raliance brought together a community of diverse activists whose stories have not been central to the movement and use this national space to elevate the visibility of these stories in order to eradicate gender-based violence.By nurturing the conditions for their own empowerment, Raliance supports young activisits to bring learning and activism back to their communities to end gender-based violence.REPORT SNAPSHOT: Young People's Attitudes to Domestic, Family & Teen Dating Violence DOWNLOAD REPORT 1: Gender, Age and the Perceived Causes, Nature and Extent of Domestic and Dating Violence in Australian Society.

The second focuses on differences in response by whether young people are at School, University or not in education.Less than one percent of violence-related deaths occur at school. Schools are more likely to be dangerous if they are senior high schools in urban environments, and minority groups in these environments are most at risk of being killed at school.Youth are less likely to be involved in teen violence if they have learned nonviolent ways to solve problems, if they have strong family ties, and if they have goals and a commitment to school.Raliance is comprised of three national sexual violence prevention organizations – the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)-Prevent Connect and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV) - with over 70 years of anti sexual violence activism.Raliance – be the generation that ends sexual violence.Worldwide, an estimated 200 000 homicides occur each year among youth and young adults aged 10-29 years, making homicide the fourth leading cause of death in this age group.


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