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, a recent attempt to block pornography websites in the country's borders hampered access in Russia, Hong Kong and other nations in the region. Apparently, Iran's national telecom abused the honor system.The issue is an ancient, insecure and essential part of the internet called Border Gateway Protocol.It happened in 2008, when Pakistan accidental blocked.Turkey once filtered the majority of traffic from Amazon, Microsoft, CNN and other sites through its own servers.

The only problem is that BGP kind of works on the honor system: there's no standard in place to stop someone from putting forth a false routing path and taking a site down.John Piper is founder and teacher of desiring and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary. He sought repentance with tears and they were fake. If you can repent, my friend in Hong Kong, God will be merciful to you. Oh, how many hundreds of times he has been willing to return to you and me. So the answer to our friend’s question in Hong Kong — How do I overcome this helpless drifting into sin? Stop seeing the ephemeral euphoria of a moment’s sexual rush as more valuable than inheriting the glory of God. And there is almost no book in the Bible like the book of Hebrews to help you do this. Dare I suggest to you, friend in Hong Kong, dare I suggest: Memorize Hebrews in your warfare. Your main problem is that you go in and out of distorted views of the world. There is a whole cloud of witnesses that finished the race. For 33 years, he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota. None of us deserved any one of those returns — not one. — is to open his eyes, open your eyes, open your eyes as you look at God’s crystal clear word, God’s crystal clear gospel, God’s crystal clear warnings, God’s crystal clear promises that are 10,000 times more precious than any sexual escapade. The book of Hebrews is an absolutely perfect view of the world, including adultery and pornography and every form of lust. They have lined up along the racecourse of your life and they are shouting to you from chapter 11: “You are not helpless. Iran's networks are a major routing center for the region, and it's easy for malicious or false BGP data to spread from Iran's sources.The issue is mostly resolved down, with exterior networks blocking the false routes -- but the event serves as a good reminder: the internet is fragile, and open to attack. A bumbling ninja/thief unwittingly lets loose a dangerous curse when robbing a wealthy man’s crib.


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