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Tucker can do uncanny impersonations (his Bill Clinton and Maya Angelou are especially killer), but these riffs play more like cloistered snapshots from high society, and Tucker’s sheepishness about being in this select club comes off as disingenuous.

The nadir is an extended section in which Tucker is invited to Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch (the comic costarred in the iconic musician’s “You Rock My World” video) and gets on Jackson and Bee Gee’s member Barry Gibb’s nerves by joining them on an impromptu rendition of “How Deep Is Your Love?

movie paired buddy cop duo Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker but did nothing to improve entrenched archetypes: the angry, loud-mouthed African-American hustler and the rule-following Chinese nerd who also happens to know kung fu.

Fast forward 18 years and the TV series seems to have taken the original playbook and sealed it in bronze.

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The series is instantly recognizable to fans of the movie, which is the point: you don’t experiment when you already have the recipe to a Big Mac.Read more: Netflix Nabs Chris Tucker Stand-Up Special (Exclusive) Don’t turn here for trenchant laughs, in other words.There are walls Tucker just isn’t willing to breach, which doesn’t mean his particular brand of humor (frequently blue, but unerringly safe) is devoid of all hilarity.But executive producer Bill Lawrence seemed defensive when asked by reporters whether he was simply reinforcing stereotype.“You’re coming at the question from a very negative angle,” said Lawrence. I do not think we are showing negative stereotypes at all on this show.Lawrence promised the show would develop beyond the pilot, a retread of the original with less charismatic actors. I think we’re showing truth about what America is and who we are.In Beverly Hills, Tucker recently discussed his latest projects, why he doesn't do more movies and the possibility of another "Rush Hour" or "Friday."Let's start by asking how everything is going. I've been touring for the last couple of years all around the world. I started out being a stand-up comedian and eventually wanted to become an actor. I don't know if we'll do another one, but Jackie and I are talking all the time about working together again," Chris Tucker says.


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