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I have my parents home back there and would love to be there with someone. When I'm not out socialising or working I'm indoors being a couch potato watching documentaries, cartoons and studying. I collect a lot of weird obscure things in general.stuff people never see often. I am a quiet person that loves being home and watching movies. I love to talk and cuddle :) I am not looking to move to fast but would rather have a quality relationship instead. I love my life and my job, but there is currently something missing. My bestfriends mean so much to me they know who they are!! I sometimes laugh at the most stupidest things ever. I LOVE making people laugh..makes me feel good inside. I'm pretty chillin once u get to know me, i cud be a BITCH if i want to but...8 out f 10 im not ....

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I have a sense of adventure, I once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and lived to tell the tale! you never know where the road takes you aslong as you can enjoy the ride! I am going to college next year on a scholarship to become an Educational Assistant and work with children with special needs.

Sometimes the best thing is to be friends first then move into the serious things. I enjoy entertaining with friends, cooking, golf,country music, English football,horror movies,camping & cottaging, roadtrips and especially laughing with someone who shares my sense of humour which I'm told is one of my best traits. and I'm 5'6, I have my ears are peirced twice on both sides.. I'M TANNED BITCHES: P, I've lived in West Hill / St. I am a woman who likes to go with the flow of things.. luv to snuggle up and have quiet time just as much as I luv to go out and listen to great music and dance.. :) I am a Medical First responder and I also run a youth first aid program.

Females perceptions of speed dating niagara falls ontario healthy and unhealthy aspects of relationships that emerge only after two people.

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