Speed dating for gamers

Instead, users can decide quickly on their own, the Game's "Head Matchmaker" and founder David Semerad tells Mashable."In general, I think the chemistry between two people is much more complicated than a mathematical algorithm," Semerad says.TREK PASSIONS Strapline: "Love Long and Prosper"Site specific: Choose "Vulcan" for ethnicity, and "sehlat" or "tribbles" for pets.Miss Popularity: Cookinbubbles, a conservative yet fun-loving 56-year-old widow who wants someone "who doesn't think I am weird because I actually know what the prime directive is, who knows what Babylon 5 was and which Star Trek character had a part in it."DATECRAFT Strapline: "A seriously funny (and funnily serious) way for gamers to meet others that share the same interest"Site specific: Indicate what sex you are "in real life" and describe your "ideal in-game date".CUPIDTINO Strapline: "Meet an Apple fanboy or girl"Site specific: You can't even log on from a PC, you'll need to describe when you "became a Mac" and a default allows you to meet at (where else? Mr Popularity: David, a 33-year-old assistant design manager who converted to the cult of Mac "in November 2002, with the first generation i Pod 20GB."THE ATLASPHERE Strapline: "Connecting admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged"Site specific: You can choose the default answer of "cashflow game" for interests, or "right 4 blood type" for food.

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The site is only one in a string of niche online-dating ventures that attempt to prove there really is someone out there for everyone.

Unlike normal speed dating where the men stay seated and the women progress, everyone would be swapping stations each round so that they would get to play each different game with a different partner.

Every date would begin with six minutes of gaming followed by six minutes of talking.

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