Harmony 1100 remote not updating

The remote appears to see the USB port as the display changes to a small usb icon. I tried all the following as suggested by logitech helpdesk but absolutely no difference. I can use the kids PC to load the remote etc but am curious as to how I can identify whats not working/conflict on my machine. The mouse and keyboard wouldnt work (I'm using a wireless mouse/kb).

The remote control sends a sequence of commands to the system components to configure them for the activity that the user selects through infrared (IR) or radio frequency.The brushed-black aluminum top case and soft-touch bottom case make it comfortable to hold.And of course the Harmony 1100 contains a lithium-ion battery and is rechargeable, so you never have to replace the batteries.Of course, we weren't allowed to report about it until today.The new remote differs from the original Harmony 1000 in a number of ways. Second, Logitech promises it won't randomly freeze up like the 1000 did (though I'm not sure that's something that was ever actually admitted to...) A customizable, 3.5-inch full-color touch screen adorns the front and hard buttons are limited to Volume, Channel, Mute, Replay and Navigation controls (less than the 1000).This remote is more configurable than the 1000 in that Logitech is claiming users can do more to customize the LCD screen and arrangement of buttons and controls.


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